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Keepoala - The leading program for environmentally aware online shopping

And here is how it works


Shop online

Shop your favorite things as usual online and preserve the environment at the same time by using the Keepoala app.


Scan your order

Scan the return/barcode of your online order and find out how many Keepoala points you will receive.


Keep you order and get rewarded

The keeper section shows you, your previously collected and new Keepoala points and therefore you will quickly and easily become a sustainable online shopper.


Turn your points into rewards

At the reward section you will get an overview of the reward selection for your Keepoala points. You will also find out how much CO2 you already saved while being a keeper.

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Protecting the enviroment has never been so easy and worthwile as it is with Keepoala.

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Keepoala - lower returns, lower costs and higher profitability

The Keepoala Plugin is available on following shopbuilder platforms:

Plentymarkets plugin
More integrations are coming soon.

Grow with us

Loyalty program

We create an incentive for your customers to not return online orders from your shop anymore.

Data transparency

We help you to transparently record and evaluate your orders and returns. As a digital returns expert, we find the right lever to reduce the number of returns for every return reason.

Costumer satisfaction

Your costumers notice that you care about the environment and with Keepoala they are also rewarded for ordering in your shop by collecting points for rewards.

Lower return rate

Your customers send back less orders, they relieve your company and the environment.

Sustainable online-shop

Through our partner program you will be perceived as an environmentally aware company by your customers.

Lowered costs

The biggest problem with returns are the high costs for your company; less returns mean directly lower costs.

Increased profit

With a lower return rate, you experience direct cost savings, which increases your EBIT margin by at least 0.5%.


It has never been easier to help the environment, track your positive impact and get rewarded for it.


Very first loyalty program to actively reduce returns across multiple shops and brands.


We take care of re-investing a share of the savings you enabled into CO2 compensation projects.

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Keepoala Founder Team

Eik Lämmerhirt Keepoala

Eik Lämmerhirt

Ingenious (amateur) athlete in almost all boardsports with a little obsession for vinyl records

  • Enterpreneurship expert
  • Support of >35 Spin-Offs und StartUps
  • Business development & investor communication
Sebastian Engel-Wolf Keepoala

Sebastian Engel-Wolf

Nursery child, when it comes to sports, music and geodata with great passion for cycling.

  • IT-expert/Freelance SW developer e.g. for Roche
  • R/ Python Dashboard Guru
  • Webmaster
Tjark Metzner Keepoala

Tjark Metzner

Travel-proof cosmopolitan who's seen 99 countries inside-out.

  • One of FlixBus very first employees
  • Built up FlixBus Inc. Los Angeles and M&A
  • Finance and Analytics


Why is it important to lower the number of returns?

In Germany alone, about 10 parcels are returned every second. That equals the same amount of CO₂ emissions per year flying around the world 17,500 times. In this scenario you would at least have seen something of the world, whereas a returned item is an unnecessary environmental burden. You are unhappy with the article, the online store with your return and the environment suffers.
We want to change this together with you, Keepoala is committed to reduce the number of returns and the associated CO₂ footprint together with you and all other online shoppers. Just keep your orders and we reward you for that.

How does Keepoala avoid returns?

Keepoala avoids returns through the ordering behavior of online shoppers. With the help of the Keepoala app, online shoppers can track their orders and collect points. Most of the points, which can be redeemed for rewards, are given to the user when the tracked order is not returned. Information campaigns and progress analyses show the user which environmental impacts are avoided through their own behavior, which in turn leads to behavioral adjustment and therefore further avoided returns.

In case of a return, participating app users can be rewarded for answering questions about return reasons and therefore help to reduce future returns through product improvements.

How does Keepoala get integrated in your shop-system?

Keepoala will be available as a plugin for the most common German store systems. As a plugin for PlentyMarkets, Shopify and SalesForce Commerce Cloud, we will be available in the common App Stores. We are also planning the plugin extension for WooCommerce, Magento, OXIDeShops and Shopware. Our IT support team will help you with the integration. The installation of a plugin will not take longer than 4 hours.

You can then personalize the plugin yourself and choose on which pages Keepoala uses “Nudges”. Together we can also customize links to Keepoala on the checkout and shopping carts to your design.

What does Keepoala cost?

Keepoala is free for users of the app.

Participating online stores, merchants and brands pay Keepoala for their value proposition with the realized cost savings through the avoided returns.

How can I use the Keepoala analysis tool?

The connection to the analysis tool for recording and evaluating the volume of returns, evaluating the shop-specific questionnaire of reasons for returns and the derivation of recommended action is made via the Keepoala plugin in the partner’s store system.

What information do I get from the Keepoala tool?

Keepoala enables a detailed query of return reasons based on dedicated products and product categories through its easy app handling. For selected return reasons, an in-depth, step-by-step query can be made to generate more detailed customer feedback. In addition the partner gains insight for benchmarking their own return rate with the rest of the industry.

What happens if I still need to return something?

Some returns simply cannot be avoided, we are aware of that. At Keepoala, returned purchases do not mean minus points. You can help us to understand your returns better by answering a few questions about your item and you will also receive Keepoala points.

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