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Return cost: Returns are annoying and expensive for online shops, have a look on our calculator for your potential savings. 3% less returns saves an online shop thousands of euros. You will be surprised how much money an online shop spends on returns. Keepoala helps you to avoid returns and to make e-commerce cheaper and more sustainable!

Application: On the left-hand side you can change the preset values ​​and use the “Average return rate” slider to see the comparison with a lower / higher rate of returns.

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Why did we develop a return cost calculator?

Everyone knows that returns in online retail are unsustainable and have a major negative impact on the environment. But returns also cost the online shop a lot of money. With our return cost calculator, we show you how much returns really cost. Check out the relationship between acquisition costs, return processing costs, shipping costs and the margin on sales and profit in our calculator. Simply enter your values ​​and we will show your costs and savings in relation to the reduction in returns.

Avoiding returns, Online retailers and brands are saving costs and increase profits. It has never been easier for shops to increase the EBIT margin with Keepoala just by reducing returns. Partners can increase margins per order by reducing costs. Use Keepoala now and avoid unnecessary returns.