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Keepoala - your digital returns expert.

Core promise: we reduce your return rate and offer access to the most conscious customers out there

Add on: data dashboard on returned products, kept favorite pieces, customer cohorts and industry benchmarks

Add on: return portal for your return management, offering the most convenient journey for your customer

15 minutes to go live with our proven shop system plug-ins without any ERP complexity

You don't find your shop system provider? You've built your own shop? No problem, contact us to find out more about our dynamic APIs.

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Loyalty program

With the Keepoala reward program, we create an incentive for your customers not to return orders from your online shop.

Data transparency

The Keepoala partner program gives you in-depth insights on orders and returns. As a digital returns expert, we find the right solution to reduce the volume of returns for every reason.

Customer satisfaction

Your customers will notice that you care about the environment. Keepoala also rewards shoppers for every kept order from your shop with great bonuses.

Lower return rate

Being part of the loyalty program, your customer strives to become a more conscious online shopper. No more bracketing, more time invested to find the right size. This helps not only your company’s return quota, but also the environment.

Sustainable online shop

Due to our partner program, your company will be perceived as a role model in fighting returns by your customers. Plus, you will already meet 2 out of 5 criteria of the returns seal from Retouren Register e. V.

Lower costs

For you, the main issue with returns is the high cost burden involved. Fewer returns mean lower costs.

Increase profitability

With a lower return rate, you experience direct cost savings that increase your EBIT margin by at least 0.5%.


Protecting the environment and being rewarded for it has never been easier.


The leading bonus program to actively reduce returns for online shops and brands.


We don't compensate CO₂, we avoid emissions before they occur.

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The Keepoala founding team

Eik Lämmerhirt Keepoala

Eik Lämmerhirt

Enthusiastic (amateur) athlete in almost all board sports with an obsession for records

  • Enterpreneurship expert
  • Support for more than 35 spin-offs and start-ups
  • Business development & investor communication
Sebastian Engel-Wolf Keepoala

Sebastian Engel-Wolf

Playful when it comes to sports, music and geodata with a great passion for cycling

  • IT-expert/freelance SW developer i.a. for Roche
  • R/ Python dashbord pro
  • Webmaster
Tjark Metzner Keepoala

Tjark Metzner

Our globetrotter Travelproof Tjark has already travelled to 110 countries

  • “One of Flixbus’ very first employees”
  • Built Flixbus Inc. Los Angeles and M&A
  • Finance and analytics


Why is it important to avoid returns?

In Germany alone, around 10 parcels are returned every second. Each return generates around 850g of CO₂ emissions and costs 15.18€ on average for you as the shop operator. The re-shipment after re-storage in your warehouse and the order by another end customer causes even more packaging waste and CO₂ emissions.

We want to change that with you. Keepoala has set itself the task of reducing the number of returns and the associated CO₂ footprint by motivating and rewarding online shoppers and thus reducing your return costs.

How does Keepoala avoid returns?

In addition to size-induced returns, many returns which result from ordering behavior, a lack of information about the environmental impact of returns and the subjective perception of the buyer, affect your profitability. Keepoala avoids returns by nudging the ordering behavior of online shoppers. With the help of our app, online shoppers can track their orders and collect points. The app users receive most of the points that can be redeemed when they keep their order. Information campaigns and progress analyses show users which environmental pollution has been avoided through their own behavior, which leads to behavioral adjustments and thus to further returns being avoided.
In case of a return, app users can be rewarded for answering questions about the reasons for their return and thus help to reduce future returns through product improvements.

How is Keepoala connected to my online shop?

Keepoala uses the connection to your online shop via a shop system plug-in to automatically record the orders that have been placed in your shop and to be assigned to Keepoala app users. We stay completely out of your order, purchase and fulfillment processes and only act as a digital companion who contacts customers post-purchase, if they are registered at Keepoala. Keepoala is available as a plugin for the most common shop systems. The integration of your shop takes less than 60 minutes and can be accompanied by our IT team if required.

How much does Keepoala cost?

Keepoala is free for your customers who use the app.

Participating online shops, retailers and brand manufacturers pay Keepoala transaction-based for their service promise depending on their order volume. It is important to us that despite paying transaction fees to us, you can increase your own profitability due to the cost savings and/or additional sales.

How can I use the Keepoala analysis tool?

The connection to the analysis tool for recording and evaluating the volume of returns, the evaluation of the shop-specific questionnaire on the reasons for returns and the derivation of recommendations for action is made possible by connecting the Keepoala shop system plugin to your shop. You are receiving the analyses as a monthly report depending on the decision variables and data points that are important to you. As an additional service, you can access your personal returns dashboard at any time via web login if you wish.

What additional information will I receive as a partner?

Thanks to the easy app handling, Keepoala enables a detailed query of return reasons based on dedicated products and product categories. For selected reasons of returns, an in-depth, step-by-step query can take place in order to generate more detailed customer feedback. In addition, you get an insight into benchmarking of your own returns rate to the rest of the industry (anonymized).

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